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Zandu Chandraprash for Summer Immunity 450g at Price ₹209


Get Up to 18% Cashback

Get Up to 18% Cashback

Product Description

Summer’s here, and so are worries about staying cool and healthy. Zandu Chandraprash comes to the rescue! This unique Ayurvedic marvel is packed with 37 powerful ingredients, including cooling herbs like mint and sandalwood, to combat summer heat and dehydration. But that’s not all! Zandu Chandraprash is your year-round shield, scientifically proven to double your immunity!*

Enriched with Ashwagandha, Tulsi, and Amla, it protects you from seasonal flu, coughs, and infections. No more summer sluggishness or falling prey to monsoon sniffles! This delicious, all-natural formula with jaggery instead of refined sugar is your one-stop solution for complete well-being. Just one spoonful, twice a day, is all you need to stay strong and healthy throughout the year. Embrace summer with confidence – Zandu Chandraprash has you covered!


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*Scientifically proven basis of laboratory NK cell activity.

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