To shop on Cashlelo, simply follow these steps:

Cashback is a reward you receive in the form of cash when you make a purchase through Cashlelo.

Yes, you can use coupon codes to get cashback on Cashlelo.

No, you can not track your delivery or refund status on Cashlelo.

Cashlelo offers real cashback by partnering with merchants and sharing a portion of the commission they earn for referring customers.

Pending cashback/rewards are the earnings that are being processed and not yet confirmed.

Confirmed cashback/rewards are the earnings that have been verified and are ready for withdrawal.

No, cashback/rewards on Cashlelo do not expire.

Your cashback/rewards typically track shortly after making a purchase, but some time its take 24 hours and more.

If your cashback/rewards didn’t track, you can raise a missing cashback ticket via contact us from.

You can raise a missing cashback ticket by contacting Cashlelo’s support and providing necessary details about your purchase.

Cashback may be cancelled if the purchase didn’t meet the terms and conditions set by the merchant.

To avoid missing cashback/rewards, ensure that you follow Cashlelo’s guidelines for making purchases.

The resolution time for missing cashback tickets may vary, but Cashlelo aims to address them as quickly as possible.

Yes, there may be cases where cashback is not available, depending on the merchant’s policies.

The time it takes to confirm cashback depends on the merchant’s verification process, which can vary.

You can withdraw your earned cashback through the withdrawal options provided by Cashlelo.

You can refer your friends by sharing your unique referral link available on your Cashlelo account.

The amount you earn on referring a friend may vary and is subject to Cashlelo’s referral program terms.

If you’re unable to log in or forgot your password, use the password recovery option on the Cashlelo login page.